Friday, 15 July 2016

'Looking'- Early Concepts, New Story- The Bob Animations

I really want to create a noir version! I re-imagined the original character design into something suitably more 1930's Private investigator in light of the magnifying glass- then worked further into the concept.

Noir version

WHAT IF... this character is looking for INSPIRATION!?

I looked up the top ways to find creative inspiration. I took the pointers from this research and skewed them into the world of this PI character so that he embodies each of these activities that can help overcome a creative block. In the world of the PI, I feel 'Inspiration' will manifest itself as a missing woman.

Below are the list of a few of the things to tackle creative block, followed by my corresponding ideas for story.

1. Think- Listen to your thoughts, write them down, work on them...
A PI could easily be sat at a desk with a notepad and pen. Case files strewn everywhere. Perhaps a decanter of whisky in reach and an ashtray full of cigarettes....

2. Memories- Remember your past. Look at old photo albums and talk to relatives about any anecdotes they might remember.
The PI sits, sifting through photographs, evidence. Using that magnifying glass to try to identify Inspiration.

3. Interact, Travel, Get involved- Be sure to talk to people and be active. This way ideas will flow. more easily.
A PI might conduct door to door enquiries, investigate places where the Inspiration was last seen.

4. Note your emotions- Note down exactly what is going through your mind and how you view life.
PI narrates over the top of everything, his suspicions, his every thought on where Inspiration could be.

5. Start- Don't just sit there waiting for inspiration to arrive. it probably won't, at least not for a long time. Force yourself to begin. 
The PI stares at his office door willing her to walk through it. He stands and goes out searching for himself.

I like the concept that upon finding 'Inspiration' the PI's world dissolves to reveal something more familiar to animators. A regular guy sitting at his computer suddenly having a lightbulb moment and getting to work. Meanwhile on his pin-board are all of the pointers as to how to find inspiration.

I'll be doing storyboard frames soon, but initially illustrating concepts of those key scenes from the creative inspiration pointers. See below.

Character Concept sheet

1. Think- Top Down Office Concept

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Turner Contemporary!

A few months ago I was invited to take part in a collaborative project alongside other UCA Computer Animation Arts alumni to create animations with artists based in Kenya!

UCA and MASK (The Mobile Arts School Kenya) teamed up to animate award wining artworks by MASK students. Over 2 months each alumni worked with their respective artists to realise their artworks as one and a half minute looping animations.

I was partnered up with the lovely Churchill Ongere and his artwork entitled 'Greener Pastures and the Colours of Youth.' I really enjoyed collaborating (rather more extensively through WhatsApp) making sure I stayed as true to the soul of Churchill's piece as possible.

His collage revolved around themes of growing up- Young people figuring themselves out and where they want to be in the world.  Constantly changing, a little awkward at times, but full of passion and colour.

Upon completion of the project our work went on display in a few places. This weekend just gone I took a trip to Margate to see the exhibition at the Turner Contemporary!

MASK Artwork

Thursday, 28 April 2016

'Looking' Introductions- The Bob Animations

Having completed 'Thinking Outside the Box', I'm diving straight into another of the stack of storyboards Bob gave me. This one was simply titled 'Looking'. I've made a Gif of the majority of the storyboard that I have. But it was a little jumbled with a few strands of additional ideas. The below is a compilation of the largest chunks.

What with the way the character walks into the foreground and away again I feel this animation lends itself to 3D. And seeing as the narrative here is a little ambiguous, I fancy playing around with the concept of looking. What is the character looking for? What kind of scene should I set?

Initially I felt that retaining the big empty white space might be the way to go. So that there is no right or wrong way up and the character could wander in from all angles. Close up, far away, side to side, top to bottom. Perhaps camera views from above and below. I feel like referencing the kids TV show Pocoyo again. Using only faint shadows to indicate the floor for the character.


A second scenario that came to mind was a film noire environment. Channeling the super sleuth of the 1920's and 30's. A little like Humphrey Bogart in 'The Maltese Falcon.' Following that train of thought I was reminded of a game released a while ago called 'White Night' which took an entirely black and white approach. The game is set in 1938 and part of the story and its mechanics are based in light.

Humphrey Bogart as Sam Spade in 'The Maltese Falcon'

'White Night' by Osome Studio

I feel drawn to trying out something very similar to white night. Exploring abstract spaces entirely by lighting, perhaps creating a variety of gobos and such while the character wanders about searching for something with his little magnifying glass. I'll do some photoshop concepts to see which I feel works best. Then again, I may entertain both versions and create two animations!

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

'Thinking Outside the Box'- The Bob Animations

I give you the first of 'The Bob Animations.' I hope you enjoy this little animation. The next one is already in production!!!

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

New Mini Project- The Bob Animations!

A few months ago I was passed a bag-for-life, chock full of storyboards of idents and animations that were never fully realised by a graphic designer, in the hope I could make use of them. More recently I have been able to get into recreating one of these storyboards using a mix of Adobe Illustrator and After Effects.

The original mastermind of these storyboarded ideas is a man by the name of Bob Bryan. (Who I hope will enjoy my rendition of his ideas!) I hope to realise at least handful of the stack of ideas and create a little series of them which I will entitle 'The Bob Animations.'

Storyboard Scans- 'Stretch'

While recreating the above animation originally entitled 'Stretch' in illustrator, I began to play with colour using an online resource called Paletton. (Colour is something I feel I need to practise with.) The initial colour palette was not really ideal and reminds me somewhat of 'Starburst' sweets. But the second was much better.

Colour Palettes

The main difference between the original and the final character is the way in which the arms move, I've gone for spaghetti limbs using the pin tool in After Effects. However at some point I'd like to investigate creating character skeletons to create a V shape bend at the elbow instead of a C shape.

Storyboard Character        Final Character

Animation Still

I have recently completed a silent version of the animation, but I need to source the sound design and music. Hopefully a complete version will be uploaded soon!

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Art Journalling- Barcelona Adventure Continued

A few more sketches paintings and journalling's from my Little Adventure Book

The Cathedral- as Day turns to Night

Restaurant Pen Sketch 

Lonely Street 

Crazy Cool Bar


Body Parts

Bad Bag Storage (Parts 1, 2 and 3)

OBEY! -Some drivers don't understand the Green man.

Girona- Funky Tiles