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Monday, 15 October 2012

CG Artists Toolkit: Tutorial-2

So our last session was spent furthering our cartoon characters. Having managed to compelte the grey basic shape I moved onto the colouring of the little critters. I had to utilize some interesting tools, fascinated by the diffrent spheres you could select for slightly different properties. And also beginning to get my head around how difficult shiny reflective surfaces are to create and make effective within an environment. Below is the finished sheet of the pencil and rubber.

The following sheet is the result of creating the common shaders as instructed in the tutorial. It certainly opened my eyes to the potential textures you could create with such a versatile set of tools. I gave a good go at creating the various materials. I should probably note that each robot is demonstrating a different material, listing from left to right we have... ceramic, gold, plastic, glass, silver, glow, chrome and hidden glow

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