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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Project2: The Secret Lair- (Silhouettes- weapons)

I'm not sure I have got the hang of silhouettes yet, but here are a few testers to help me loosen up in ideas with regards to creating weapons from small things.


  1. Hey Emily I'm really liking these, with silhouettes try not to think about what you're creating too much just try putting loads of things together and see what you get even flipping and rotating the silhouettes give a completely different image, 8 really catches my eye it reminds me of some kind of spear. Try giving some more a go :)

    1. Thanks George! I will try to be looser about it. Promise. :)

  2. These are really nice silhouettes ; 8 stands out to me, but i do see what George means :)

  3. I think they are really great! All look like deadly weapons but don't forget the story behind number 5 : ))
    In my opinion they have that "bug knight" feeling.
    Try developing them, adding details, and you will see what comes out! I'm sure it's going to be cool : )

  4. George is right, Emily - I think you're too haunted by literalism of the objects you've silhouette; silhouettes are just a means of stopping you from drawing generically - it's a way of kick-starting innovation - and by combining silhouettes born from your production design vocab (i.e. things associated with your story logic), you're simply folding in some additional layers of motif and visual concept. You must try and relax a bit more, Emily - and trust your instincts; silhouettes are an example of knowing something is right through seeing that it is right. For me, I like 8 - but without the chain-link element - that looks like a pretty effective club to me!

    The stage 'after' silhouettes can be daunting for the beginner too - so how about taking a few minutes to view these tutorials from Feng Zhu:



  5. sorry - should have read:

    I think you're too haunted by *the* literalism of the objects you've *silhouetted*.