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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Project 3: Storytelling and Commission- (Like-for-Like)

Its not the first time I've given story-boarding a shot but I definitely feel more informed on how to create one this time. Please find below a like-for-like story-board, taken from the opening sequence of Pixar's 'Monsters Inc.'

So there you have it, young Phlegm Failing his first 'Scare Simulation'. I'm hoping that the images are fairly clear. Trying to depict camera movements is pretty tough. And I'm not sure I've used all the right terminology but there we are. I'm hoping each of my pictures will go in order when viewed but in case they don't, here's a simplified version on A3 canvases and to follow is  the clip I've storyboarded from the original motion picture 'Monsters Inc.' 

I've found many samples of the clip but they appear to be the subject of a sound replacement project, so I apologize for any unexpected sounds or voices and so on.

1 comment:

  1. Really cool stuff here! Good job!
    There are few drawings which were hard to understand without reading the description (for example number 3 - I wouldn't know the boy was looking right and left) but apart from few missing arrows everything else was easy to understand!

    Oh and one more thing - sometimes it's better not to be so precious about the lineart as the sketchy style might give a more dynamic view to the whole picture : D

    Again, great job! I am waiting to see your final storyboard! : )))