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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Project 3: Storytelling and Commission- (Story refining)

So having come up with five different story ideas for a restaurant a clown and a lasso, I decided to try and further them and see if they could be refined in any way and made even more believable. So here is the original idea 2- A very busy restaurant is thrown into turmoil when a mischievous clown awaiting the arrival of a children’s birthday part, roams around the buzzing kitchen, pulling gags on the cooks, which end disastrously.
In trying to further the story idea and bring it together a friend provided me with a great back story and resulted in the following idea.

A clown becomes unemployed as the fairground circus he works in is closed down. To survive, the clown manages to land himself a job as a waiter at a local restaurant. Settling into the new role proves difficult however as the clown find it tough to kick his entertaining habits; Plate spinning, knife throwing, lassoing, rolling gags become a day-to-day thing within this restaurant. The manager is anything but entertained. The clown, being quite skilled with his lasso uses it as his best act; latching onto the staff’s wrists as they go to set puddings on the table and then tugging, sending ice cream flying. But the last straw happens when he lasso’s a cheesecake and accidentally swings it, smacking the manager in the face. The clown is promptly sacked. The day after the clown is forced to leave; the manager reads a review on his restaurant by a top critic. He discovers, to his horror, that the waiter was a hit and was also beginning to generate a lot of business. The customers loved the crazy antics of the clown waiter, laughing at and even being part of his gags and that was why they had continued to come back. In an attempt to rectify his mistake the manager goes looking for the clown to employ him once more. A few months later and all the waiting staff are entertainers from the closed down circus and they are reveling in worldwide praise.

Feedback would be appreciated!! I’m struggling on which ideas from my earlier five to take forward, which are linked here.


  1. Hey Emily :) Greetings from Orlando (it's 4am in the morning in the UK as I write this, but it's 11pm in Florida!). Okay, well I really love the idea of the former clown becoming a waiter in a restaurant, but being unable to repress his clowning as he does his job. There is a lovely synch-up between waiting on tables and out-of-work performers, which gives this idea real logic. The ending, in which the restaurant becomes famous for its clowning waiting staff is also promising. I've just checked out whether 'clown cowboys' is an established genre of performer - and it would appear that it is, so maybe your now-waiter was once a clown in a wild west circus...


    ... which gives you the lasso. I think therefore, you need to think about your structure, because this is going to need a flashback or some way to show the audience your waiter's former life in Act 1. Have a go at setting up your act 1, which needs to a) establish that he's applying for a job as a waiter, and b) that he used to be a entertainer, and c) that the restaurant itself is okay, but not hugely busy (because you need to show it improved in Act 3). Have a go :)

  2. I agree with Phil!
    A flashback of a former life would be a great thing to see on screen! Your story is very strong and holds a good amount of comedy.
    I can't wait to see your theme and imagery when you create your ideas for it! :D

    Well Done!