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Friday, 21 February 2014

CG Artists Toolkit- Diffuse Maps Fabric Flag

I rather enjoyed this tutorial despite getting very confused and doing a lot of 'baking'. In this tutorial a flag was created to be flown on one end of the stone bases. In order to create that however a high resolution and low resolution version had to be made. Here we utilized the wonder that is Autodesk Maya's nCloth. by anchoring two points on a plane and leaving the animation to play out over a few hundred frames a lovely drop in the CG fabric was created. (It never ceases to amaze me and its strangely nice to watch it flow with this sudden introduction of gravity) In any case from here, for me, things got a little irritating as I had issues baking out my normal maps for a short time. As it turns out I had to adjust and add a little geometry to my low resolution flag. With that completed the remainder of the tutorial was pretty simple and resulted in the below.

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