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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

CG Artists Toolkit: Diffuse Maps Pillars

In this tutorial the diffuse maps for the Pillars were added. It was a fair length tutorial requiring a lot of trial and error between Autodesk Maya and Adobe Photoshop.  It was most definitely worth it in the end. 

In order to create the simulated holes through which the rope sit, meant painting onto the texture in Photoshop, testing its position in Maya and returning to Photoshop for further tweaking. Although I noted that my ropes seemed to be different sizes meaning the holes had to be adjusted but they don't match up perfectly.

Worse still was the realization that my UV texture map was a little off. The last column is not the same width as all the other sides of my Pillar. This made matching the textures on the pyramid top piece a little more difficult. Fortunately the mismatch cannot actually be seen in the 3D model. In future however I will try and check for these things.

The next step was adding a crest shape into the stone work of the pillars in the front and back. There was yet more tweaking between programs. For some reason the images had to be slightly distorted within Photoshop before showing up straighter and more centered within Maya.

Final touch was to recreate the normal maps so that the imprinted crest shape could be added. So using xNormals once again the map was adjusted resulting in the below.

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