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'Thinking Outside the Box'- The Bob Animations

I give you the first of 'The Bob Animations.' I hope you enjoy this little animation. The next one is already in production!!!

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

@ Alan: Lost my Textures?

I've just started to try and do my still renders ready for compositing in After Effects. When initially I opened my scene the textures were disconnected. I reloaded them and my lights are on, but the render is coming up like this....

What can I do to fix my scene?

Adaptation: Testing Animations

So this first animation is a slightly more complete animatic/pre-viz. There are definitely a few things to be sorted. I have yet to decide how my type animates in and out of the scenes and the expressions and in particular that lip-sync with the cube are awaiting attention. Other than that, this is almost the ocmplete animation, the only part missing are the outtro credits. But now in possession of complete renders I would rather focus my energy on competing the whole rendered animation.

Below is a roughly put together clip of all my render files as they came out. Next step, compositing effectively, Lip Syncin,g animating text, adding the soundscape, voice over and rendering out. A lot of work to be done! Onward!

Monday, 28 April 2014

Adaptation: Animating Thus Far

The next stage of my project having built the scene and textured it, was to build texture and animate the three characters from Shel Silverstein's Poem 'Shapes'. From here the interactive nature of my design can be displayed.

Th idea involved the Attic being an interactive playground, where a young child can click on certain objects and launch into an animated reading of one of Silverstein's poems. The sequence is made complete with subtitles so that the young one may learn to read along. There is also the option to switch off the narrator so that the child may read aloud themselves.

Below is a short snippet of my animation so far using play blasts. A little bit of a voice over is present. And the clicking lightbulb takes the place of a cursor. The file is awaiting the scenes ambient sound and also the text needs to be animated graphically and interestingly. I really (really!) hope I can complete this same animation in rendered form with all the above features, but the schedule is running a little tight!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Adaptation: Render Timing- Requesting Suggestions

Does anyone have any hints and tips as to what area's should I be looking into to try and get a better render time? My most recent render at HD1080 took 7:16! I have no idea if this is to be expected with a scene of this 'complexity' or not or whether some settings adjustments might help. I also tested HD 720 which took 4:18 but for some reason adjusted the glow on my lightbulb (?) I have no idea why. Any comments on which version is preferred or better would be greatly appreciated.

HD 1080- Render- (brightened by blogger for some reason!?)

HD 720 Render- (Also brightened by Blogger for some reason.)

The screen shots from my render port (HD 1080, HD 720) to show the not so bright versions

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Adaptation: The 'Final' Attic (First Draft)

So, here's the 'complete'Attic. Of course it won't be complete till I've received a little feedback, and probably made a few tweaks. So I suppose you could call it the first draft. Below shows the last few progressive shots- including the addition of an opposite wall with window, so as to complete the room and especially for the reflective objects that will betray my space. I feel fairly happy with my final product. Tomorrow come the close up renders of the 'special' objects and beginnings of camera shots for my very short animated sequence. There might be a little jiggling around of objects to ensure I get the camera and lighting I want, but we shall see.

If there is one thing I am slightly befuddled by, its the contrast in brightness between my 'final render' and what I see in my render view. If anyone has any suggestions as to how to go about this. (I feel it should be the darker rendition so that it appears to be night time.)

Final Render in the Render View
 Final render JPEG same as the image above-supposedly (Possibly a blogger malfunction?) 

Monday, 21 April 2014

Adaptation: Almost There

Continuing with the medium sized furniture I tarted up a few bits and pieces as I went along. a few more books, a bit of extra texturing on the Special Umbrella, finally I tested out my mirror. Thoroughly pleased that the reflection didn't show an enormous vacuous space. As you can see my fan is not quite working as I have planned just yet. (That will be the close up with the guitar and christmas tree) The attempt was to create transparencies with the front and back casing of the fan to reveal the blades inside.

As today's gone on i've found myself using PNG versions of my files for the fan and guitar strings so as to get the transparency effect. However the texture didn't quite adhere. Part of my geometery appears to go transparent and the texture coats the reverse almost. The central point of the blades appears more of a bowl than a lozenge, fortunately it cannot really be seen at a distance, but its something i would like to correct if i can.

In the meantime I've worked on the rest of the objects, completing the small things such as the train set, jars, books and bottles. There are just a couple of items left and a revisit needed on the woodwork and i would consider this scene complete. Only needing characters and camera's to populate it next.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Adaptation: Texturing more Furniture

This has taken longer than expected- having given myself the run around when textures started responding weirdly to lights and such. I spent a large part of a day trying to figure out why shadows had gone missing, or textures were blown out and such but I think they'e fixed for now. Over the a large part of this weekend I've managed to texture all the large furniture and the majority of the medium sized furniture, whilst adding a few of the littler bits 'n' pieces to my UV maps as I went along.

Here is thus far. Not sure about my cardboard boxes. I feel like I need some nice details/ other texturing or possibly the simpler childishly drawn pieces. My favourite object is the chest of drawers with the shiny handles and the way it looks so tactile... For now however I'm working on finishing the medium sized furniture. (The Fan, Mirror- which is an issue in itself and the christmas tree.) And also going back to complete the guitar as the fan and guitar require transparencies.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Adaptation: The Scene Thus far (and some Furniture)

So I feel I have finished the main environment for now, save the Light switch-That will probably be the last thing I complete. It may require a little remodelling and UV Mapping etc.
You can see the progression of the scene below.

Initially playing with the floorboards and their colours. The addition of a more prominent skirting board, however this is covered when the scene is full of stuff, but never mind. The beams and dark woodwork have been slightly brightened. Next, the window frame which currently sticks out like a sore thumb, but there will be other objects in the scene with the same slightly off white Lambert applied. Finally the external influences, a tree and the night sky.

My Next port of call is the large furniture using a colour scheme I devised whilst Texturing my environment. (It may still change, depending on how things go as I texture. 

Here's how the day went with regards to finishing off the environment and kick starting the furniture.

A lot of brown and tan yes, but the various bits and bobs are going to have a few more colours and patterns. In time this will come to be seen. For now there are a few shaders and texts to be corrected and far more objects that need their colour!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Adaptation: Texturing Begins!

A lot of this is going to be experimentation. I know the style I want -goony and childish- but I haven't settled on anything specific. its all a bit flowing at the moment. Below are the initial test runs on the main environment space. After that I'm onto the larger furniture.

So I started playing wight he floorboards. I have this amazing set of Photoshop brushes that imitate colouring in with crayons. I used those for the base texture and then out of my seven original planks created the striations you find in the wood. In my eagerness to see what my drawing looked like in Maya I found myself quite liking the sparse placement of the drawn floorboards amongst the others. Its a feature I've decided to keep.

Onward from this point I set about the walls and the beams. At the moment I think the woodwork is a little too dark and could do with a little lightening up. A little more precision is needed with the skirting board. And perhaps my floorboards could undergo a little darkening, or even slight variation in colour? Either way... It begins!