Wednesday, 20 April 2016

New Mini Project- The Bob Animations!

A few months ago I was passed a bag-for-life, chock full of storyboards of idents and animations that were never fully realised by a graphic designer, in the hope I could make use of them. More recently I have been able to get into recreating one of these storyboards using a mix of Adobe Illustrator and After Effects.

The original mastermind of these storyboarded ideas is a man by the name of Bob Bryan. (Who I hope will enjoy my rendition of his ideas!) I hope to realise at least handful of the stack of ideas and create a little series of them which I will entitle 'The Bob Animations.'

Storyboard Scans- 'Stretch'

While recreating the above animation originally entitled 'Stretch' in illustrator, I began to play with colour using an online resource called Paletton. (Colour is something I feel I need to practise with.) The initial colour palette was not really ideal and reminds me somewhat of 'Starburst' sweets. But the second was much better.

Colour Palettes

The main difference between the original and the final character is the way in which the arms move, I've gone for spaghetti limbs using the pin tool in After Effects. However at some point I'd like to investigate creating character skeletons to create a V shape bend at the elbow instead of a C shape.

Storyboard Character        Final Character

Animation Still

I have recently completed a silent version of the animation, but I need to source the sound design and music. Hopefully a complete version will be uploaded soon!